Upholstery Cleaning Brampton

Everyone loves clean carpets, the beautiful scent of freshness.

But it can be a downer when the upholstery does not match the carpet’s level of clean. It can be terribly hard getting your upholstery clean and all to the same level of freshness. This is why at Carpet Cleaning Brampton, we offer upholstery cleaning to fulfill this need.

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The How Behind Upholstery Cleaning

Much like carpet cleaning, we clean your upholstery using different methods. There are naturally highly carbonated solutions that can be used for those who prefer nature-friendly methods. Besides this, we can also vacuum clean the upholstery, then condition the fabric, rinse it then dry it. For a more intense clean, we can use steam cleaning, which involves the use of hot water to extract the dirt. We use special equipment for all these processes and they require a high level of skill and expertise to leave the fabric intact.

The Cleaning Process

  • Clear the way

Much as we may be cleaning your sofas, we still need a clear way through. We use specialized machines, depending on the intensity so we need to be able to work around your furniture the easiest way possible. Get rid of toys, loose blankets, pillows, shoes and any other thing that may be a tripping hazard. Clearing out the clutter also enables us to reach the deepest parts and actually do a full clean.

  • Center the furniture

Much as you have cleared out the clutter, centering the furniture does make the process go much faster. Moving the furniture from the walls enables us to move around the furniture freely, thus reaching every angle seamlessly. In cases where we need to use solutions, it also makes it easier to administer the solutions to every part of the furniture thus achieving a more thorough clean.

  • Be clear on the problem areas

We generally clean every inch of your furniture when you call us in. However, you may have specific areas that you want to be handled more closely than others. Making a note of each of these areas ensures that we pay special attention to these areas therefore not missing anything. Where there are stains that may need different solutions, we are better able to identify them and clean them out appropriately.

  • Clear the pets

Having strangers in the house can be troubling for pets. Since you may not be able to prepare them psychologically for our coming and the process we shall undertake, it is better to take them away prior to our coming in. This will also enable us to work freely without fear of hurting any of them in the process. You may also need to state any specific areas on the furniture that they frequent so we can pay extra attention to them.

Upholstery Cleaning Cost

Upholstery cleaning can come in two categories; commercial and residential. At Carpet Cleaning Brampton, we specialize in residential upholstery cleaning though we do engage in commercial cleaning now and then. The cost can, therefore, range between $50 and go above $200 depending on the amount of work to be done.