Commercial Carpet Cleaning Brampton

Carpets are the easiest targets for dust and even mold.

This is even more likely in a place where there are hundreds of feet walking on them every day. The fact that they are the closest to the ground means that sometimes, the attempt to clean them perfectly is overlooked over and over again. If this is your predicament, then we are your solution.

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At Carpet Cleaning Brampton, we make your dirty carpets our business. We have different commercial carpet cleaning packages that cover different levels and methods of cleaning.

  • Shampoo Cleaning

This is generally termed as the most common and simplest method of cleaning. We use it on large scale levels of cleaning where we have to cover a large area in a short time.

As the name suggests, the process involves the use of a carpet cleaning shampoo. The shampoo isn’t the regular kind that mixes with water and forms a foam that you have to scrub with and rinse out. This shampoo contains ingredients that suck up the dirt in the carpet once they form a foam. When the foam dries, the shampoo now becomes dirt particles that can easily be vacuumed out of the carpet. It is an intrusive method of cleaning as the dirt is sucked up from the deepest levels of the carpet. Many of our clients prefer this method as it leaves the rooms with a nice clean scent that reflects the scent of the shampoo used.

  • Foam Cleaning

This method is sometimes confused with shampoo cleaning. It is, however, more intense and comes in handy in situations where the carpets need an overhaul kind of clean.

Here, the shampoo is spread all over the carpet to form a foam with the use of a rotating brush. Now, as opposed to leaving it in for 15 minutes as in the shampoo method, here, the foam is left in for an hour. This gives it time to soak deep into the carpets and suck up and out all the dirt. It then forms particles which are then vacuumed up and cleaned out.

  • Dry Powder Cleaning

This method is most applicable where the rooms are needed in a short time. Here, we use a specialized dry powder that contains a solvent, a little water, and detergent. Once sprinkled over the carpet with the use of rotating machines and left for 10 – 15 minutes, the dry powder draws out dirt out of the carpet. It is then swept up and out of the carpets using a vacuum cleaner.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Cost

The cost of commercial carpet cleaning is highly dependent on the amount of work to be done. Some companies also define the prices depending on the methods to be used, the machinery to be involved and the amount of labor to be used. Distance and accessibility of the property also cast some weight on the decision of the cost. Generally, though, the cost ranges between $80 and $300. At Carpet Cleaning Brampton, we offer affordable rates for excellent service and quality results. Contact us today and take the feeling of clean to a whole new level.